Drifting Dane

The quest for a happy ending in Brazil

  • Morten Noerregaard
  • Brazil

The foreword of a story in the working process

How do you describe almost 4 years that feels like a lifetime of complete emotional and mental mayhem?

The answer is, you do not. You live it every day, just like the average Brazilian does and then you tell the story.
The title “The quest for a happy ending in Brazil” means the same for everyone.
The title might be different; however, the sought meaning is the same.

Going more than half a decade back to 2012, I remember thinking that it is time for the spot I have been searching for to show up and finally present itself. For those of you that are unaware and have no idea what this is.
The spot is where you truly belong. It could be anywhere in the world and it gives you that sense of comfort and wellbeing that no other place does.

The fact that I might roam around the world without a base for the rest of my life is also a scary thought.
As you get older the base starts to matter more and more and so does the anchor.
At this time I was starting to get well past the age where you establish yourself with an anchor of family joyfulness.

I already knew from my point of view of the world, that creating a life as an employee within a company would destroy most of my life beliefs.

Not likely something that I would be doing for long unless it had a bigger purpose.