Drifting Dane

The benefit of a doubt

  • November 22, 2021
  • February 24, 2024

São Paulo. A new everyday slide

Praça da Americana

On a random weekday in são Paulo, during transition for my next class, at the bus stop.
A guy comes up the street, humping, on what looks like a painful leg.
As he takes a rest at the bus stop where I am standing, he asks for directions to a specific hospital.
He tells me that he needs to go to this special one that handles legs.
I knew the hospital he needed to go to and told him that he cannot go there on foot without damaging his leg even more.

After a small interaction with him, I realised that he had already been walking for more than 3 hours because he did not even have money for the bus.

As I offered to help, he refuses, still smiling.
I ask him what he thinks about his situation where almost no help is provided to him from his country?

His response is:
"It can be hard but Brazil is a great country. I love Brazil"

I still had to force the guy to take the money for a bus.

We sometimes look at a place from the outside, with pointing judgement.
But we should step deeper in and meet the people behind it before.
Most poor Brazilians I have met have more honesty and morals than any other people I have met, yet still getting the shitty end of the stick.

I still wonder why!?