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The quest for a happy ending in Brazil

  • June 12, 2021
  • February 24, 2024

Part 5. Maceió and Recife

The river region of the North

A sling slot effect appeared over me, as I soon found myself on a bus back to the coast.
After visiting the interior of Lençóis and Chapada Diamantina, I was seeking coastal interference once again.

I was still early on my steps breathing in the Brazilian continent, and Lençós was not only my own escape for thrill-seeking,
but also my first eye-opener to an inside region of the Brazilian land.
The mixed encounters from the beginning of my journey
up through Brazil still had my curiosity expanded.

I soon pinpointed the end destination as ´´Jericoacoara`` in the far North of Ceará state and from there the in-between was the sky with no timely matter.
My previous most fulfilled enlightenments had been on journeys where no steady itinerary had been made.
The only thing you need is time, something I had plenty of.
I left Bahia and entered into Alagoas state.


Panorama of Maceió

The Capital Maceió is an exceptional beachside city and provides you with a magnificent first impression of the Alagoas.
The coastline of this Northern Brazilian territory is lusher than anywhere and the place is blessed with spring and river areas hence the name Maceió which is indigenous for spring.

Everyday beach play is part of life in Maceió

Maceió beach life is neverending

During my short stay in Maceió, I wandered around its beautiful little beachside drinking cold beers without worries with the occasional exercise running on the beach. It was a temporary paradise that made me eye the North and its potential. 
Surprisingly, I met another Dane at the hostel I was staying in.
Johan was attending a language school here to learn Brazilian Portuguese and later continued his journey down south to Salvador. So ironically, we were travelling in the opposite directions. 
He later ended up marrying an amazing woman from Maceió and moving to the mainland of Denmark.  :) 

I spent about 4 days her that I truly enjoyed, and wishful thinking 
kept me at breeze with this peaceful river region in mind as this trip was not only for leisure but also research on opportunities
for ´´The dream of a small business in Brazil``


I continued up to Recife, the capital of Pernambuco state.
It is a place where I encountered the MOST beautiful - stunning looking women to ´´my eye`` and I felt indeed memorised just by walking around the neighbourhoods on an average day.
It was days with whiplash pain, surprised by gorgeous ladies from left to right. The heat/humidity might have affected me too, as I also remember Recife, as being extremely hot and humid, something that was too much for my Nordic genes.

Boa Viagem is the Copacabana of the North

Boa Viagem beach



The city is known as the Brazilian Venice, because of its many rivers and small bridges and has risen to something impressive considering it just used to be a group of fishing shacks in the area. It was named Recife for its long-running reef close to the shoreline which also indicates the harbour - surroundings.
As I visited the centre and ground zero square (Praça do Marco Zero)
I was surprised by a local dancing school session taking place. Fortunately, I brought my little camera that day and got a small sample on tape.

Praça do Marco Zero

Praça do Marco Zero

Dancing school at Praça do Marco Zero

Olinda - Peaceful escape inside a big city

A village within a metropolis. An incredible soothing getaway to the bustle of any large place. Every big city should have one.
Olinda is an old colonial settlement that has been occupied since the 1530s, and luckily enough it lies inside Recife city.
There is nothing to worry about here other than drinking some good wine, suck in some cultural scenery - enjoy the local exhibitions - take a nap in the local park. If you are lucky enough to be here during the season, you can experience the yearly Olinda street party that resembles the old Portuguese Carnival. But since this is Brazil, it most likely covers the entire street with people and festivities.

View to Recife coastline from Olinda

The view to Recife coastline from Olinda

Igreja do Carmo de Olinda (Church of Carmel)

Igreja do Carmo de Olinda

At this time, based on my journey up through Brazil, my first impressions throughout the wast regions had me smiling. :)
I found that I enjoyed the company of Brazilians and their culture.  
An inheritance and mindset so far from my own that I knew I was open for much more.


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